The Fifth Set Combines Science with Style to Empower Professionals and Amateurs to Sweat Hard and Play Dry with Patented “SweatRoute” Technology 

PARKLAND, FL (NOVEMBER 7, 2023) — The Fifth Set, a tennis apparel company that provides patented “SweatRoute” technology to keep tennis enthusiasts dry, comfortable, and at the top of their game, today announced its launch. Kicking off its inaugural collection with men’s shorts, the product is available exclusively on and retails for $72.00 in three colors and four different sizes. The launch is coming off the heels of a successful Kickstarter campaign where the startup crowdsourced more than $9,000 through pre-orders of the tennis shorts. 

“The Fifth Set is a labor of love that solves a real problem that plagued my game for nearly 30 years — wet tennis balls from sweat-drenched pockets, causing a ‘sweat tsunami’ whenever I served,” said Yoni Malchi, The Fifth Set’s CEO and founder, as well as a lifelong tennis player. “After discovering a void in the market for tennis shorts with waterproof, breathable, and accessible pockets, I received a patent on my own design, which is a game-changer for tennis players at every level.”

The Fifth Set’s patented shorts offer three key differentiators:

  • Sweatproof: Pocket liners are constructed with a waterproof layer and heat-sealed seam. Combined with a water-resistant outer body, the shorts redirect moisture to keep tennis balls fully protected.
  • Breathable: The body and pocket liners are breathable to promote comfort, as well as quick and agile movement. The pocket liner’s microporous, waterproof layer protects from sweat while keeping the player cool.
  • Accessible: Pocket openings are unsealed, but stay closed, preventing sweat from seeping in and allowing quick accessibility for frequent use.

“During the pandemic, one of the biggest retail trends that evolved was that consumers have become more demanding for unique, top-quality products that are also function-specific,” said Danielle Malchi, co-founder of The Fifth Set. “With more people focused on fitness than ever before, consumers are seeking truly innovative products to help them reach their personal goals and needs, and we are here to support them in this endeavor.”

Launching its collection of men’s shorts, the company plans to expand its product line, featuring its SweatRoute-patented technology. In the coming months, The Fifth Set will also introduce its brand ambassador program and will continue to look for innovative ways to grow its affiliate network.

About The Fifth Set:

Launched in March 2023, The Fifth Set is a tennis apparel company that provides patented “SweatRoute” technology to keep tennis enthusiasts dry, comfortable, and at the top of their game. Based in Parkland, Florida, the company is the labor of love of Yoni Malchi, CEO, and a former aerospace engineer with a passion for tennis. For more information on The Fifth Set, follow them on Facebook, Instagram, or email them at