Our Science

Common questions about the tech.

Tennis is the only sport where the players use their pockets frequently throughout the match. More importantly, the pockets are used to hold the central part of the game, the ball. If any sweat gets on the ball while it sits in your pocket, it can have a dramatic effect on game play, cause unnecessary distractions and frankly... it’s just gross

All other shorts with waterproof pockets are focused on storage of sensitive items (e.g., cell phones) while you are fully submerged in water. The pockets typically have a mechanism to completely seal the opening (e.g., a zipper or a slider), and the items are not accessed throughout the activity. SweatRoute Technology provides waterproof, but breathable and accessible pockets specifically designed for tennis.

Our pockets have breathability, which is essential because players are highly active throughout the match and not submerged in water.  The pockets must be accessible (i.e., cannot have any zippers or seals) so the players can frequently access the dry tennis balls throughout the match.

While moisture-wicking materials pull moisture away from the body, they are not focused on keeping the pockets dry.  In fact, with moisture wicking materials, your sweat gets wicked directly into your pockets from your legs, causing a wet environment that is unusable. Moreover, moisture-wicking materials hit a saturation point, stick to your legs and become extremely uncomfortable. SweatRoute technology has completely waterproof pockets that are both breathable and accessible, keeping the tennis balls dry, but still allowing the player to perform. In addition, the shorts have a water-repellent seal on the outer body that beads-up your sweat so it rolls right off avoiding any saturation. The pockets stay dry and the shorts stay dry so you can focus on your match.