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Launching a tennis-apparel company during a global pandemic? No Sweat.

Founder's Story

We sweat the small stuff so you can sweat hard and play dry.

Founder's Story

Don't take our word for it

Just got done playing in this crazy heat. Wearing the Fifth Set shorts for the first time. They do exactly what they were designed to do...keep the balls dry!

Ian B.

Former D1 Tennis Player

I played for an hour and a half. The pockets kept the balls dry, they are comfortable to wear, I think I will be a customer for life!

Keith G.

Avid Club Player

I am somebody who sweats A LOT. When I would take the ball out of my pocket to serve, it was always soaked! It would fly at the other player, rotating and shooting sweat all over them. I tested the original prototypes and they lasted over four years. They keep the ball dry, they are comfortable and stretchy...I love them!

Tomas V.

Former NHL Goalie, 2-time All-Star, Olympian & Avid Club Tennis Player

They feel good. They're breathable. They're everything you really want in a tennis short.

Ryan D.

5.0 Player in Florida & Former #1 Singles Varsity Team

The shorts fit great. They repel the sweat, have a waterproof pocket. Really can't speak highly enough about how these shorts feel and look!

Ken S.

Former College Football Player & Avid Club Tennis Player

I played for about 2 hours today and the balls picked up no moisture. This is a really impressive product that I expect every tennis player will love!

Scott M.

Former D1 Tennis Player

Just played a full set. I am drenched and it even rained a little bit, yet still, the pockets are totally dry. Really recommend these shorts.

David M.

Former Top Ten Athlete in Venezuela

These shorts are awesome. Everybody should get them.

Rick D.

Former 4.5 player NY & USTA League Captan for 7 years